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Lauren Rosenthal

reporter + radio producer + writer

New York's North Country, Alaska's Aleutian Islands, points in between. Available for assignments:

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Monkey bars article
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Adventure racing takes toll on even the fittest

"I keep telling my husband I'm not sure what arm I'm going to break. I hope it's the left one."

Anthrocon furry convention article
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Return of the furries: Anthrocon in Pittsburgh for 6th year

The tails and ears are held on with straps, and the fur is usually fake -- but the money that Anthrocon furry convention visitors spend is very real.

Open uri20140524 10282 lq0qm3 article
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Snowy Gotham City sets up camp on Lawrenceville street

Thanks to the movie magic employed by the makers of the Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises," one block in Lawrenceville was immune from the heat, humidity and intermittent showers that fell Friday afternoon.

Brother jim townsend article
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Obituary: James Townsend turned from life of crime to minister to offenders

James Townsend was in the middle of a life sentence for homicide when he decided to con his way to freedom by faking a spiritual awakening.

Academy at westinghouse article
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Academy at Westinghouse faculty pitches school in area of 'broken' promises

Throughout August, teachers and administrators have tried to ease concerns about the cascade of change that has transformed the former Pittsburgh Westinghouse High School.

Open uri20140524 10282 1ltir3 article
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The travails of a Honduran immigrant in Pittsburgh inspires the play 'Camino'

The heart of a new Pittsburgh play called "Camino" is invisible.