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Lauren Rosenthal

reporter + radio producer + writer

New York's North Country, Alaska's Aleutian Islands, points in between. Available for assignments:

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0213 wds kickball tournamen 10191128 cropped article
North Country Public Radio

Tunnel vision: Did police cast a wide enough net for Garrett Phillips' killer?

A joint investigation broadcast on North Country Public Radio and reprinted in the Watertown Daily Times.

091216 judgefelixcatena brithanson ncpr 0168 article
North Country Public Radio

Judge, then jury: A look behind the bench at Felix Catena

A child, Garrett Phillips, was murdered in rural New York almost five years ago. His community wants justice. On top of that, the national media is watching. It’s up to Judge Felix Catena to navigate all of that, deliver a fair trial -- and then, a verdict.

Jlbplastics approach 110116 article
North Country Public Radio

Behind Byrne's run for Assembly, a trail of struggling businesses

Republican businessman John Byrne has portrayed himself as a champion for entrepreneurs. But a closer look at his portfolio reveals a pattern of failure.

Img 0760 article
North Country Public Radio

A brush with nerd royalty (for a price) at Ottawa Comiccon

One reporter's quest to snap a photo with actress Tia Carrere -- while dressed like the characters from her film, "Wayne's World."

Hypno donsmile article
North Country Public Radio

Need a laugh? Or a way to lose weight?

In Ogdensburg, N.Y., a man named Don Swan offers hypnosis for health, for fun -- but mostly, for himself.

Alan mulkin  suny canton 160805 article
North Country Public Radio

Can a one-day workshop stamp out bias among police?

“Do we have a diversity problem when it comes to the composition of university police? Yes, we do. Particularly in upstate New York, we are heavily male and very heavily Caucasian.”

160506 healthcare site article
North Country Public Radio

Healthcare beyond the hospital bed

Flimsy paper gowns, beds with rails: these are the things that hospitals are made of, or at least, they were. Healthcare is changing -- and it's finally reaching New York's rural North Country.