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Lauren Rosenthal

reporter + radio producer + writer

New York's North Country, Alaska's Aleutian Islands, points in between. Available for assignments:

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McDonald's Pulls McBites From Menu

"Thankfully, McDonald’s includes a tartar sauce. So the tartar sauce makes it taste a whole lot better than if you just eat it plain."

Unalaska Kids Reinvent The Lemonade Stand

"We're saving up to buy an Android tablet."

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Migratory Birds May Carry Viral Baggage

The Izembek National Wildlife Refuge is pretty far off the road system -- unless you count the avian highways that run overhead.

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Atka Searches for Funds to Replace Aging Health Clinic

"Our floor is rotting right now. We had to put a board over it to keep it safe because it was so soft, so that we didn’t lose any patients or anybody coming in."

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With Arctic Growth Looming, Airlines Put Off Planning

"If we schedule three airplanes into Unalaska and three airplanes make it in the same day, that was a successful day."

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Arctic Climate Researchers Zoom In on Plankton

"It was the largest bloom anybody had ever seen anywhere in the world’s oceans. And it was under three feet of ice."

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British Kayakers Take on Aleutian Chain

"Our longest stretch without people is 250 miles."