Lauren Rosenthal

Lauren Rosenthal

reporter + radio producer + writer

New York's North Country, Alaska's Aleutian Islands, points in between. Available for assignments:

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Buldir island 020 article
Alaska Public Media

Buldir Island a 'life changer' for seabird researchers

"I just call it National Geographic Syndrome. You want to go to the wildest places, the places with the most species, and enjoy the show. And it’s quite a show.”

Danmagone vertical article
Alaska Public Media

AK: Salvage

"We towed an old Navy tanker into Dutch Harbor backwards in the middle of the night one time."

14 aknecropsy 1 1024x682 article
Alaska Public Media

AK: Necropsy

“It smells like the ocean.”
“It smells…like beef.”

Open uri20140129 343 lnuc7 article
Alaska Public Media

AK: Exploding History

"Before you set that off, you have to yell 'fire in the hole' three times, as loud as you can."